Published April 14, 2023 in Katy Trail Weekly

The many months of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic were exhausting and painful. Children didn’t get the proper interaction they needed and fell behind in school. Adults didn’t get the proper interaction they needed, and office environments suffered which had a sprawling effect on small businesses.

Small business owners that depend on commuters and daytime crowds were impacted. Everything from coffee and donut shops, delis, dry cleaners, workout facilities, sundry stores, bars and restaurants all felt the impact.

Many homebodies adopted bad habits like eating to excess, binging on streaming TV shows, drinking more and exercising less. It was a terrible time that we can’t soon forget.

If one good thing came out of the pandemic, it was realizing how important your home is to your quality of life. It truly became a safe haven. But the more time spent in the house, the more people realized that changes and better options were needed. Luckily, those that didn’t spend the time watching DIY programs realized that to achieve an improved home, they need to find a local, trusted home improvement professional. That’s where I come in.

My friends not in the home remodeling industry often ask about the types of projects I am working on or the kind of requests that I get. Most people are looking for the same things: more room, an expanded kitchen, increased home security, an efficient, quiet home office, greater curb appeal, more backyard options and the like.


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