Rather than hearing from me this week about design-remodeling and building issues, about how islands are transforming kitchens everywhere, how to build an award-winning pergola or the need to maintain a kids free and pets free dining room, we are going to hear from someone else. I want you to meet my new partner, Brian McLain.

McLain is someone that I have worked with for years and I respect and trust. He has already proven to be an asset to our organization. He is a talented, detail-oriented guy and frees me up to do what I don’t like to do (processes) and concentrate on what I love to do (create remodeling and new building solutions). I thought it would be interesting to learn about McLain in his own words.

Who is Brian McLain? “I grew up in Denton in a family of tradesmen. My father was a welder, my uncle was a professional carpenter and cabinetmaker, and my grandfather was an electrician. I was always helping or doing something at one of their job sites. My father was a welder for Texas Instruments.”

“I joined Sardone in 2014. I was a lead carpenter, the lead carpenter. That means that I was managing the project, but also doing the majority of the work myself. We would plan a design, and it would get handed over to me to build.”
“If the city required an electrician that had a master license, I would sub out the electrical portion of it. I would sub out the plumbing portion of it and then everything else I would do myself, from tile to cabinetry to painting to sheet-rocking to texture, insulation, windows, doors, all of that stuff.”

What do you hope to add to Sardone | McLain Design-Build-Remodel? “I think I can add another level of professionalism in terms of attention to detail, attention to process and procedures that will help Sardone elevate the client experience and outcome for our customers.”

Where do you see the industry heading? “I think that the industry is going to keep growing. I think people have to do life and need to have shelter to do that. Our industry is always going to be stable. I think that people are going to start buying up properties and do something with them.

“No one is really stuck at home anymore like the early days of COVID. But during that time, they uncovered the various ways their homes need to evolve to be the right place for their family. And so, they are going to be investing back into their home. They weren’t aware of all of the inadequacies.”

Kitchen remodeling has been hot for years. What do you think will be the next hottest trend? “That’s a tough question. I think there might be a heightened sense for home security. But I think there will be a definite change in home dining. The kitchen is never going to go away, and it will always be the hot area for remodeling. But there will be a trend where more and more people will want to incorporate the kitchen into the outdoor space to keep it flowing. Open from interior to exterior.”

Tell us about your personal situation, without having to get personal. “I am married and have three boys: 12, 9 and 7. It has had its pluses. I don’t think we have had to buy any clothes for the middle or youngest boy in five years. It’s all hand-me-downs. That’s a plus.”

What kind of shape is your house in? “We live in Fate, Texas, by Royce City and Rockwall. It’s a normal house on a big lot. My house [with three young boys] is well used and abused. I am always repairing and fixing something. I definitely have [aspirations] about improving my house. But I do the work myself.”

Having McLain join the organization has been great. As they grow older, maybe I can recruit the McLain boys to join the organization at some point. For now, we will make Sardone | McLain Design-Build-Remodel the most professional and highest quality resource for our client partners.


Previously published in Katy Trail Weekly on March 23, 2022


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