Published June 16, 2023 in Katy Trail Weekly

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

As a Design-Build-Remodel professional, we have experience in all facets of home additions and remodeling, and examples of our work can be found at You will get an inside look at what we do.

But often, we don’t get an inside look at what you do until we start demolishing the walls and floors. In Texas, it is very common to find the dreaded mold, mildew or rot when we begin a project. That is when I become the bearer of bad news.

Texas survives on air conditioning. AC is both a blessing and a curse. How did people manage when wool suits, dusty roads, iceboxes and smoke-filled rooms were the norm? Air conditioning turned Dallas from a town into a major city, as it did in various other places that saw explosive growth when air conditioning became commonplace. And while the HVAC system is a common culprit, let’s dial back to the root of the problem and ways that you can limit potential damage.


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