Published June 30, 2023 in Katy Trail Weekly

Our clients are more and more asking us to give them ideas and bid on creating a home addition. It makes sense if you meet certain requirements.

You have to have the room to expand. There needs to be space that can be easily annexed. You have to have the financial resources to do a home addition. It is an expensive undertaking. It is more than four walls and a roof. The foundation must be considered. Electricity must be provided. In many cases, you will be adding plumbing. These labor-intensive projects are not cheap and may not add to the aesthetic value of the home, but they certainly add to the values of safety and convenience.

These projects require employing a local Design-Build-Remodel specialist. We will not only provide sound solutions, but we will take care of the ancillary suppliers like cement layers, flooring specialists and electricians. We will get the proper permits, so you don’t have to. You can find examples of our work at A room addition is not a DIY project.


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