Published in Katy Trail Weekly

We treat all rooms alike. We are an equal opportunity Design-Build-Remodel home improvement specialist.

We love entryways and foyers, living and dining rooms, primary and guest bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment areas, children’s play areas, outdoor areas, garages, attics and building extensions.

But if I didn’t mention that many of my clients just want to talk about their kitchen before focusing on any other room in the home, I would be careless. And I don’t do careless, so let’s talk about kitchens.

When you visit our website, you will see a lot of kitchens. Open-air kitchens, kitchens with islands, small kitchens, big kitchens, modified kitchens and start-from-scratch kitchens. We have more ideas for kitchens than Bubba had ideas for shrimp in “Forrest Gump.”

Even before the pandemic, the kitchen was becoming the center of the home. During and after the pandemic, the kitchen has staked a claim as the most trafficked room in the house. I have some theories.

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