More than half of homeowners, 58% to be exact, have plans to invest money in home improvements in 2021. Thanks to the global pandemic, home upgrades are more popular than ever before. While the most popular home upgrades in years past were central air conditioning and sidewalk or pathway improvements, now homeowners are investing in luxury features, such as touchless doorways and faucets, and outdoor extravagances, like putting greens and basketball courts, The Boston Globe reports.

It is just as feasible to introduce some luxury into your primary suite or primary bedroom. Get inspired by these primary suite renovation tips.

Create a Spa Experience at Home

To make the most of your primary suite, why not bring the spa experience home? Enjoy the relaxation and indulgence of the spa whenever you like without ever stepping foot outside your primary suite bathroom. To create a spa-like atmosphere at home:

  • Install radiant, heated flooring. One of the biggest downsides to bathrooms in our homes is that they run cold during the winter months. That can make stepping out of the shower or tub an unpleasant experience when your feet hit a cold floor. Radiant, heated flooring warms up the tile underneath your feet using hot water in pipes or tubes under the floor. The tile and stone will be nice and toasty when you step out of the bath, not unpleasantly cold.
  • Choose large, walk-in showers. There’s nothing like taking a relaxing shower in a large space. Luxury showers are often at least four feet by six feet and leave plenty of room for a bench.

Add More Closet Space

An expansive walk-in closet is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. A shared primary closet should measure at least 10 feet by 10 feet. That gives you enough room for two people’s things, built-in storage, and a full-length mirror or chair if desired.

Install A Balcony Or Terrace

Now more than ever, getting fresh air and relaxing outdoors as much as possible is a coveted experience. By including a balcony or a terrace in your primary suite renovations, you can relax outside with a cup of tea and a book without ever leaving home.

Invest in High-End Details

Add some stunning finishing touches to complete your primary suite renovations. These finishing touches may include wainscoting, crown molding, original woodwork, or subtle recessed lighting.

Want to add some luxury to your primary suite? Step it up with an extravagant, spa-like bathroom, a spacious primary closet, your very own balcony, and the right luxurious details. Contact Sardone Construction today to learn more about how you can make your primary suite into the space of your dreams.