Published April 4, 2023 in The Dallas Morning News

More homeowners are starting to look to their garage as a way to squeeze more square footage out of their property. With remote working more commonplace since the pandemic, it could be home office space. (Two spouses working from home — something’s gotta give.) Some need living quarters for elderly parents or relatives to stay for an extended time. Others just love their home and would rather add on than move. Whatever the reason, converting the garage to living quarters is a full-on construction process, so it’s not something to take lightly. We consulted local experts to find out if the add-on or conversion is worth the budget, time and loss of existing parking.

Does a garage conversion add to your value?

With all construction and remodeling projects, there’s a lot to think on before diving in. But one big question to consider upfront is what a garage conversion does to the value of your home. “My clients are always weighing the return on investment with the return on enjoyment,” says Stephan Sardone of Sardone/McLain Construction. And when it comes to garage conversions, the return on investment isn’t straightforward.


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