Published May 26, 2023 in Katy Trail Weekly

Some homeowner’s perspectives of their “Great Outdoors” continue to change. To maximize the outdoor experience, homebodies are looking past the pool, the outdoor fireplaces, the shaded area full of multi-media features, the stone-inlaid sitting area and the massive patio perfect for parties.

The intricate pergola that would make I.M. Pei proud may have become passe. Many owners have already conquered the outdoor kitchen. The herb garden is reaping and sowing in the wind and out of the window. The front patio has evolved into more than a mail slot and weathered welcome mat.

Recently, there is one outdoor enhancement in my world that has really heated up and does not seem to be cooling off. It is an item that I am literally showered by requests. It is the newfound desire for an outdoor shower.

Before you start to laugh or exclaim “enough is enough,” many people take the idea of an outdoor shower very seriously and we take the creating an outdoor shower very seriously, as well. One thing that we often must remind the would-be backyard shower owner is that this is not a simple nor inexpensive undertaking. Those that think it should be an add-on of “only a few hundred dollars” are simply all wet.


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