Published April 28, 2023 in Katy Trail Weekly

As a Design-Build-Remodeling home improvement professional, I know how demanding clients can be, and for good reason. Your home is your most valuable inanimate possession. You demand and deserve quality work and so do I.

That is why it is imperative that you should pick a trusted home improvement partner because trust is the most important phase of a project that cannot be registered as a line item on an invoice.

Trust comes with knowledge, and knowledge helps build trust. That is why I chose a knowledgeable, trustworthy construction partner for a recent major project that was very close to me. I chose to build a new house for my family.

Now I did not build the home with my own two hands, but I was very hands on. I relied on my network of specialists for much of the work. But let’s say I had a personal stake in the results. This is a long-term commitment, personally and financially. I want this to be a place for my family to enjoy. I love to entertain, so I wanted it to be a place for friends and neighbors to feel comfortable.


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