Published April 21, 2023 in Katy Trail Weekly

Whenever there is a lull in new home construction, there is an influx of middle to low end home builders trying to convince existing homeowners that they can do the same quality work as trusted, professional Design-Build-Remodel specialists. It may sound like a logical premise, but it almost never pans out.

The differences are clear. Home builders work under much different conditions than a home remodeler. A home builder in working from a clean slate with an unsullied patch of land. If the home builder works within the confines of a planned development, they follow a preset plan, must use approved materials that are sourced in bulk and have little or no license for creativity. They rarely face problem solving, which should be a critical decision-making element in hiring a home remodeling professional.

Professional home remodelers must adapt to the challenges of an existing house. They must know what an existing home can support, like additions or a second floor. They must build a trust with the homeowner.


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