Outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity due to consumers working and staying at home. An outdoor kitchen remodeler can offer options for wall panels, grills, stoves, appliances, and countertops using 3D design. We will discuss trends for smaller spaces with limited room to large backyards that want a complete outdoor kitchen for all seasons.

Trends For Smaller Spaces

Some outdoor kitchen builders build kitchen islands with grills, refrigerators, and storage space. They are usually electric for small backyards and patios that cannot use gas or charcoal. They have flat top grills that are used in restaurants that bring indoor cooking methods outdoors. The flat top grill is popular in restaurants and food service venues and is heated below with gas. This grill accurately controls heat when you cook, and you can cook for large groups of people. It has an LED temperature sensor, and the flat grill is durable and easy to clean. According to real estate agents, kitchen upgrades help to close a home sale more quickly.

Large Outdoor Kitchens

You may want to have an outdoor pavilion or roof put over the outdoor kitchen to protect from the weather which will also allow you to use it all year round. Canopies, wood roofs, and gazebos are options to use to provide a dining space and protection from the weather when building your outdoor kitchen. When you entertain frequently for business or family, a wet bar and beverage station can be an asset in your outdoor kitchen. It can be used to prepare drinks and serve soft and alcoholic beverages.

Some outdoor kitchens have cabinets installed for storage and a cooktop to go with your grill. Some customers install a wood-fired pizza oven. In larger kitchens, stone fireplaces and natural stone countertops made of marble, granite, or limestone are trendy. Choose excellent quality tables and chairs for outdoor dining. There are many styles and types to choose from that your outdoor kitchen builder can recommend. Decorate your space with splashes of color, decorative furniture, and potted plants to create a unique ambiance. Install an outdoor sink to make cleanup easier or even a dishwasher.

Your outdoor kitchen builder can help you design the ideal outdoor kitchen for your small or large outdoor area. They have products and ideas to suit your needs for small, medium, or large outdoor kitchens.