Could you transform your home into your dream home by this time next year? When considering a home remodel, one of the first questions many homeowners in Dallas ask is, "How long will it take?" The answer is not straightforward, as the duration of a remodeling project can vary greatly depending on the scope, complexity, and unique challenges that each unique home presents. However, one critical factor that significantly influences the timeline is the depth and thoroughness of the planning phase. At Sardone | McLain, meticulous planning saves time and money while ensuring the remodeling process is smooth and stress-free. Walk with us through each phase of the remodeling process, and see how a structured approach supports a timely renovation.

Choosing Your Remodeling Journey

At Sardone | McLain, we understand that every client has unique needs and priorities regarding the timeline for remodeling their home. The beauty of a design-build firm with flexibility like ours is that you can move at whatever pace you prefer to achieve your remodeling goals and timelines. Do you need to host Thanksgiving next year? Are you hoping for a picture-perfect graduation open house this summer? Your speed depends on your needs and your responsiveness.

  • Commuter Train: This is our standard remodeling timeline, where we take all the normal steps at a regular pace. It’s ideal for clients who want a thorough process and are comfortable with a typical schedule.
  • Bullet Train: For clients with a specific end date in mind, we offer an accelerated timeline that moves with the speed of their decisions. This fast-tracked approach requires clients to be highly available and decisive.
  • Scenic Train: This timeline is for clients who aren’t in a rush and want to savor the remodeling journey. It’s perfect for those who see this as a once-in-a-lifetime project and want to ensure every detail delights them.

Two-tone blue and white kitchen remodel with island and seating in Dallas by Sardone | McLain


The feasibility phase is crucial in setting the stage for a successful remodeling project. It helps us and our clients begin our relationship with a strong foundation of clear communication and a detailed understanding of the current home and our client’s vision. Our first step in the remodeling dance is more thorough than almost any other contractor in Dallas because we have experienced the difference this level of planning makes in the client relationship, remodeling experience, and ultimate work quality. Putting in the legwork upfront to mitigate surprises during construction is a vital part of our unique process that pays dividends throughout each project. 

Discovery Call

Our remodeling process begins with a 15-- to 30-minute discovery call. This call captures basic information about your project, such as your address, contact details, and where you heard about us. We also want to understand your initial ideas and goals for the remodel. This phase helps us determine if our process fits you and your project well.

Modern family room remodel in Dallas, Texas with gas fireplace by Sardone | McLain

Initial Consultation

Once we’ve gathered basic information, we move to an in-depth consultation. During this meeting, we discuss your remodeling goals, the priorities of these goals, and your investment range. Understanding the "why" behind your renovation helps us align our planning with your deepest expectations. We review similar projects in BuilderTrend, showcasing before, during, and after photos and detailed plans, scope, and finishes. This provides you with a realistic expectation of what’s involved in terms of design and budget for projects similar to yours.

Feasibility Study

After signing the feasibility agreement, our team—consisting of co-owner Bryan, primary designer Ayah, measurement expert Candace, and co-owner and salesperson Stephan—visits your home. During this time, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure we’re heading in the right direction. This phase involves detailed planning and evaluation to mitigate surprises and set realistic expectations. It’s about ensuring your remodel's vision is achievable and aligns with your budget and timeline.

By the end of the feasibility phase, usually about 2-4 weeks, both parties will clearly understand the project's scope and the steps involved, paving the way for the following stages of the remodeling timeline. This structured approach helps minimize the need for a large contingency fund, typically keeping it to just 1-2%, ensuring a smoother and more predictable renovation process.

Stephan Sardone and Bryan McLain - Co-owners of Sardone | McLain Construction

Design Completion and Confirmation

If you decide to move forward with us after we get to know each other in feasibility, it’s time to enter the stage where your vision starts to take shape. This phase is all about turning your ideas into detailed plans that guide the entire renovation process.

Design Phase

The design phase typically takes 4-8 weeks. During this time, we work closely with you to develop comprehensive design plans. Our team uses advanced design tools to create detailed renderings and layouts, capturing every aspect of your vision. This collaborative process involves regular feedback and adjustments to make sure the design aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Design Confirmation

Once we finalize the design, we move to the confirmation stage. This involves a thorough review of all design elements to ensure everything is in place before we proceed to the next phase. Your approval at this stage is crucial, as it sets the foundation for accurate costing and effective planning. 

White kitchen remodel in Dallas by Sardone | McLain with door open to pantry

Costing and Planning

With the design confirmed, we move into the costing and planning phase. This is where we detail the financial and logistical aspects of your project, ensuring the kind of transparency only this level of precision can provide. By the end of the costing and planning phase, you will have a clear, fixed-price agreement and a detailed project plan. 

Detailed Costing

The costing process typically takes 2-3 weeks. During this period, we prepare a detailed, fixed-price contract. This document outlines all costs associated with your project, providing a clear and transparent picture of your investment. By addressing potential costs upfront, we help mitigate surprises and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the financial commitment.

Planning Phase

The planning phase is crucial for setting the stage for a smooth construction process. Here’s what this phase involves.

Trade Walkthrough

One key step in our planning process is the trade walkthrough. This involves bringing in our expert contractors, such as electricians and plumbers, to review the entire project in detail. By having all trades review the project together, we can identify potential issues and mitigate them before construction begins. This step is vital for minimizing unexpected costs and delays.

Final Cost Adjustments

Based on the trade walkthrough and any additional insights, we make final cost adjustments. This could involve value engineering to ensure the project stays within budget without compromising on quality. Adjustments might include choosing different materials or phasing certain elements to manage costs more effectively.

Floating double vanity in Dallas bathroom remodel by Sardone | McLain


The construction phase is where your dream remodel becomes a reality. Our structured and detailed approach ensures that this phase runs smoothly and efficiently. We get started on your construction project about 2-3 weeks after you receive your fixed-price contract.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Before we begin construction, we hold a pre-construction meeting. This meeting sets expectations and prepares you for the renovation's start. We review the project timeline, discuss any final details, and answer any questions you may have. 

Construction Timeline

The duration of the construction phase varies based on the scope of the project. Here are the typical timelines for popular remodeling projects.

  • Kitchens and Primary Suites: 3-4 months
  • Additions: 5-6 months
  • Whole House or Whole House plus Addition: 5-9 months

Throughout construction, we maintain regular communication with you through daily logs and photos. This proactive approach helps keep you informed of progress and any issues that may arise and our proposed solution simultaneously. 

Managing Delays and Issues

Despite careful planning, delays and issues can sometimes occur. At Sardone | McLain, we focus on mitigating these as much as possible through thorough planning and proactive communication. Here’s how we handle potential challenges:

  • Delays: We keep you informed about any delays as soon as they arise and provide updated timelines. Our goal is to be transparent and proactive in addressing any setbacks.
  • Cost Overruns: We minimize the risk of cost overruns by preparing a detailed, fixed-price contract and conducting comprehensive planning. If any additional costs do arise, we discuss them with you immediately to find the best solutions.
  • Client Relationship: Maintaining a positive and productive relationship with our clients is a top priority. We encourage open communication and regular check-ins to address any concerns or tensions that may arise. Our approach is to be empathetic and solutions-driven, ensuring that we work through challenges together.
Dallas, Texas home exterior with remodeled outdoor living space by Sardone | McLain

When Done Doesn’t Mean Finished

The completion process ensures that your new space meets your expectations, especially after you’ve lived in it for a while. By leading you through the completion process, we aim to alleviate any anxiety about inspecting every detail for one final opportunity for a fix. Our goal is to provide concierge-level service from start to finish. Here’s what to expect:

  • Walkthrough: We lead the walkthrough process, identifying any final items that need attention. Unlike many contractors, we don’t leave this responsibility to you alone. We use our expertise to demonstrate that all work meets our high standards.
  • Follow-Up Visits: To ensure long-term satisfaction, we schedule follow-up visits at 30 days, 5 months, and 6 months after completion. During these visits, we address any remaining issues and ensure that everything is functioning as expected.

Sardone | McLain Ensures Timely and Wildly Successful Remodels in Dallas

Choosing Sardone | McLain for your remodeling project means opting for a meticulously planned and executed process that prioritizes your needs and expectations. From the initial feasibility study to the final follow-up visit, our structured approach ensures transparency, quality, and client satisfaction. Contact us today to start your journey towards a home that truly reflects your style and needs.