According to the National Association of Home Builders, approximately 85% of all homes in the US were built before 1980. The aging housing stock signals a rise in demand for home renovations as the old structures require maintenance and the addition of new amenities. A 2019 survey by HomeAdvisor showed that homeowners spend an average of $5 on home remodeling for every $1 spent on home maintenance.

Primary suite renovations are a winning prospect in many ways. You can create a spa experience within your home, a spacious primary closet, and invest in luxurious details. However, the excitement can lead to homeowners going overboard with the design, overlooking some glaring mistakes in the process.

Here are four common errors that you should look out for when carrying out your primary suite renovations.

1. Focusing Too Much On Aesthetics Over Function

Most homeowners are often excited about trying out new designs, styles, and themes, in a quest to make their primary bedrooms stand out. However, lack of proper planning leads to design flaws in the project as the homeowners over-experiment on the aesthetic features.

You need to take time to think through your vision for the space, taking precise measurements, and considering the overall functionality. For example, while a freestanding tub would be an excellent addition to your primary suite renovation, you may need to leave at least a foot on each side to allow for cleaning access.

2. Over-Accessorizing

Experts believe that the primary bedroom should resonate with you. Decorating the space with accessories and elements that speak of your personality would seem just about right for you. However, in the quest to customizing your primary suite, you may end up cluttering the space. Think through every piece of furniture, appliance, and accessory. What role does the item play within the space? Be wary of matching elements that can snatch away the personal touch.

3. Wrong Lighting

Inexperienced design-build remodeling companies resort to using downlights over the vanity, bathtub, or toilet seat. As a result, the primary suite renovations create spaces that are too bright, lack ambiance, and can cause shadows on your face when using the mirror. This is far from the target of a relaxing aura you wish to create. A proper layered lighting design should include several ambiant light sources. You may consider LED strips near your mirror cabinetry, vanity, and shower. A pair of wall lights on each side of the mirror can serve as excellent task lighting features for your space.

4. Choosing The Wrong Renovation Company

Primary suite renovations are an intricate process that requires top-notch expertise and skills to deliver an exquisite finish. You may need to move certain bathroom fixtures around, further complicating the project. Choosing the right primary bathroom renovation experts can help you complete the remodeling on schedule. Seek professionals with well-established portfolios of successful remodeling projects. Follow up on the references provided as well as the online reviews on their site.

Primary suite renovations are exciting home improvement projects that every homeowner should consider having. Watching out for these four pitfalls can help set you up for a smooth remodeling project. For more information on how we can bring your vision for your primary suite to life, contact us today.