Start Your Next Project with NARI


What is NARI?

NARI is first and foremost an organization of members and chapters across the U.S. NARI connects homeowners with its professional members and provides guidance so that consumers have a positive remodeling experience with a professional, qualified remodeler.

NARI offers certification to remodelers in many specialties so homeowners can find the right person for the job. For those of us in the industry, becoming an Accredited Remodeling Company opens doors and shows clients that we are held accountable by a code of ethics. Learn more about NARI from Stephan in the video below.


Why is NARI important for homeowners?

From referrals from friends to that handyman you have on speed dial, there is always someone with an opinion. What if those contractors don’t meet your standards? If this is your first home remodeling project, how do you even know what your standards should be? That’s where NARI’s homeowner site can set you up for success. From design inspiration to industry research, NARI has something to teach you. They also offer free access to their directory of NARI members so you can do your research and get bids from professionals – for free. No subscription required.

Why is Sardone | McLain a member of NARI?

We are more than just members of the NARI North Texas Chapter, Stephan Sardone is on the board. NARI has brought Sardone | McLain into a community where we have met trade partners, developed relationships with peers, and learned best practices so we are always improving our processes.


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