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Homeowners come to Sardone because their home no longer reflects who they are or how they live. It can be as simple as a specific space no longer working, a life season change driving new demands, or the feeling of running out of space. The Sardone team is here to help you uncover the next GREAT version of your home reflecting the GREAT life you live.



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Should we stay or go? How can we be the home where kids gather? How do we reclaim our home now that the kids are gone? Sardone is here to help you set goals and make the right decisions to get to great.

Great homes reflect your goals.

Many homeowners start by asking home builders for bids rather than asking how their goals can be realized. There are many ways to transform your home and those who make a living transforming spaces know how to maximize budgets while delivering spaces homeowners are proud to call home. We are proud to be called curious during this stage, uncovering what is possible to make sure your big dreams moves from idea to construction.


Did you know that 90% of homes that use a Design-Build process get from idea to completion? The success rate of Design Build is based in a full-service team providing design, feasibility, costing, and construction under one roof. We are a one-stop shop to achieve your goals + priorities.

Have an Architect?
No problem.

Plans are great – Goals are better. Sardone works with existing plans and designs to translate those into an executable project. Even better if we can get involved early with your architect to mirror a Design Build process. To make sure we understand the design, we start in our consultant role to make sure we are working towards your GREAT home that reflects your GREAT life.

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